Show the Game!

Who's the genius who thought this one up?

Does this drive anyone else crazy, or am I the only one? Right up there with the center field camera angle being 10 degrees off center, the way TV networks cover the start of quarters in NBA games with coaches interviews and logos taking up 50% of the screen makes 0% sense. I don’t need to see Erik Spoelstra’s face as he talks about how this game is going to be a grind for the Heat. Keep the audio of the interview rolling and show the darn game!

In the visual I’ve provided, you can see that 50% of the screen is taken up with a really sweet bank of lights graphic. If they need to show us the coach’s face as he talks, can’t they just split the screen down the middle so there isn’t any wasted space? Clearly some executive thought that just showing the two things side by side wouldn’t look expensive enough. Much better to layer the thing, and really make it pop with a snazzy background. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the designer of this template and this whole concept…not a big sports fan.


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Peter Stadlen lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two cats.
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