The Blue Jays Are…

Despite Type 1 diabetes, Brandon Morrow's stuff is electric.

With the Mets fading it’s time to take a look at what the really good teams in the AL East are doing. It’s time to check in on those Damn Yankees.

It’s also about time I put a reverse jinx on my most hated baseball team. A few months ago I wrote that the Yankees were in trouble both short term and long term but mostly long term, and the Bronx Bombers responded by being the best team in baseball for a few months. You’re welcome. They’ve looked bad the first couple of games after the break in Toronto and their less than inspired play has got me doing little dances, which make my cats stare at me with derision. Maybe A-Rod will break down and Nate Silver’s prediction that he won’t break the home run record will come to pass. Dance, boy, dance! Maybe Jeter sans heroics is really kinda sorta done. Maybe the oft ignored fact that all star Russell Martin is hitting .220 means that he sucks. Maybe Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia are running low on their supply of both smoke and mirrors. If I keep dancing…

The Yankees are only four games ahead of the Rays in the loss column, which means they’re only 4 losses away from missing the playoffs. A lot has gone right this season for the Yanks to be that close to relative futility.

In the time it took me to write the last two paragraphs the Yankees scored four times against Ricky Romero. With ace C.C. Sabathia on the hill, their Saturday afternoon three run lead looks insurmountable. How about C.C.? If he opts out of that contract, he’s going to get a nice chunk of change. Watching the Yankees’ struggles has made me take note of the team they’ve been playing, the Blue Jays.

Ahem. I just cleared my throat. Or cracked my knuckles as it were. The Blue Jays have been good the last couple of years, and if you consider that they have to play the Yanks, Sox, and Rays 54 times a year, they’ve been really, really good. Jose Bautista is not only not a one year wonder, he’s the best player in baseball. Brandon Morrow has underachieved, and will compete for Cy Youngs. I guess you could say I’m high on Brandon Morrow. Kyle Drabek and Brett Cecil have been disappointing, but Cecil has turned his season around. The same could be said for blue chipper Travis Snider, if just recently. So there’s hope for young Drabek. Ricky Romero is a top of the rotation young lefty, and Brett Lawrie is going to be a franchise player. Adam Lind is the real deal and seems well-suited for first base. The Jays had something like 8 of the first 60 picks in June’s draft. Escobar is a nice player and Encarnacion and Hill are serviceable. The Jays GM, Alex Acropolipouspopogous, has made a couple of decisions that I really like including locking up Bautista and unloading Vernon Wells and his 22.5 million per.

So what am I saying? The Yankees are bad and the Blue Jays are good. Not exactly. Ahem. Stretch. Knuckle crack. More feline mockery.

If you put the Astros in the AL West and you play one Interleague series at a time…the Orioles are still screwed. If radical realignment takes place and you put the Blue Jays with the Buffalo Bisons and the Montreal Canadians…that won’t work.

Arencibia’s ok. Put Gose in center and you’ve got Bautista, Snider, and Gose in the outfield, Lawrie at 3rd, Lind at 1st, Escobar, Hill and J.P…

If Morrow and Lawrie develop the way I think they will, and Cecil or Drabek turn into a #3…

The Blue Jays will be…

The Blue Jays are…


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Peter Stadlen lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two cats.
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