A Little Wedding Music

Ah, youth.

Growing up, it was easy to revere my older sister. She was after all 4 years older and quick to tell me about the huge, complex world all around us, of which I knew very little, and she knew so very much. In my toddler years, I even took a break from speaking actual words and only Diana could translate my grunts and squeals to my dumbfounded parents. That secret language morphed into somewhat cohesive English, and the spirit of our sibling pact was fortified. We would face this crazy life together.

As she grew up, Diana’s brilliance in acting and then cooking consistently astonished those around her. It was very intimidating to look up at my closest relative and see such a force of nature. But no matter the accomplishment, it was always Diana’s warmth and generosity of spirit and sense of humor that left its indelible mark. To this day, it’s a mistake for us to sit near one another at a formal function as a knowing smirk might send us over the edge. When I laugh with my sister the better part of the decade we’ve spent living on opposite ends of the country melts away, and we are children again. Laughing at the foolishness of the adults around us.

The first time I met Marcus he seemed too good to be true. Surely his mother ship would need to return him to the planet that produces such strapping, considerate, kind hearted bachelors. My initial elation has only grown in the months and years I’ve known Marcus. He is a mensch, and I consider myself extremely lucky to be officially welcoming him to our family.

Spending time with Marcus and Diana together, it’s apparent that they are one another’s intended, that they are very much in love. Their union is a healthy one, filled with mutual respect and shared responsibility. She has a new partner in crime.

Marcus, Diana, I love you both. I know you will be very happy together as you giggle your way through all the foolishness.


About peterstadlen

Peter Stadlen lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two cats.
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